Wednesday, 7 October 2009

VK MSC Drylaw 95

Click here for the extra large version
First off, sorry for the picture quality, but it's from the shoebox of doom.
I'm unsure if this was after a night at SEEN, possibly not, as it was actually completed! The Dolby piece is a topper, on ZX Spectrum type shantizzle.
The tunnels were only starting to get painted around that time, you can still see some of the old menchies at the top of the wall, the guy who wrote the DODE one was a gluesniffer who was later beaten to death after he won some money on the horses, bonus. The TAM menchie above the MIE piece is styling.
Obviously because I'm so hiphop I did a bunch of bboy characters...


Mieone said...

Dode was rockin the peace sign back in the day.

I've got good close up of the elph B Boy with Msc somewhere in a similar shoebox of doom!

I'm convinced it was freezing when we painted this ?

Anonymous said...

It was always freezing in the 90's.
I've got action shots somewhere.
Mie1 piece in crazy bananas, think this was round the time we did the Livi Shops also. I think at this point he would outline, keep the background colour as his fill and work designs into it. Might not seem that mental nowadys but at that point It seemed like he's was outlining into thin air
Always liked Elph's 3d fills round about this time.
Another attempt by me to do pieces in the mist, partially outlined stuff. Should have kept at that steez for a while to see where it went but I became a professional swimmer instead

beta said...

im wondering if anyone has flicks of the berlin exchange flicks..where the many sylers of the day , think 97/8 went to berlin for a few mad mad days...all organised by mie and i think mr elpher through the connexion with the teenscream mags and the techno junkies of tangents(fund wise)...and the edinburgh return leg with writers such as rasta, escher, tagno/techno, akim and folks...? would be good to see.
great days...mad nights!

david said...

I have a tonne of pics from the trip to Berlin. I'll try and dig them up and scan them when I get time. What a blast from the past.

MisterVera said...

is that David aka Mr Ase in the place?