Tuesday, 6 October 2009

more from braehead


Mieone said...

The Slag piece is looking dope top fill and stylin' letters.
Dig the Esko pieces don't see so many wild styles nowadays.
Gums gets may vote also a quality selection of Braehead pieces from Mister Vera!

lyken love said...

Bammer gets my vote.
I always have a second look at his stuff.

Anonymous said...

that slag fill is crazy, he must have taken a week of work to do that one. bamer soka gums poer n che all dropping strong styles as youd expect

Anonymous said...

Bamer is SICK

Anonymous said...

great set of pictures really in to the bamer
the che is great too.
and the eskos is he from a diffrent country?.
but the best there imo has to be the slag.