Saturday, 10 October 2009

Drylaw Oldies

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Another old sesh from Drylaw, with Epik, Bern, Pois, Derm, Mie and Elph.
This wall has a definite Hycote outline/Carplan fill vibe about it, but with the added extra of the very first prototype Montana cans that Mie had brought back from Spain
Again, apologies for the joiner quality, but it's over 14 years old from the shoebox of terror.


MisterVera said...

lovin the old Drylaw sellotape connector flicks, flash burns and all.
Keep diggin in the shoeboxes and posting the goodies.

EEZ aka Montana In The Luggage Stylee said...

Good to see all the golden oldies posted.

1st Montana in the UK was brought back and used by me btw then Mie swamped it with the help of Bern cos of his spanish connection.

Graphotism picked up on it after I told Stylo about the trade links and then Julio swamped it some more cos of his spanish background too.

Mie has to take the credit for the initial mass Montana influx. Graphotism caned it cos of the mag distribution though.

Sendys introduced me to it btw. Painted the cartoon on here with him using it for the first time.

Wee history lesson can't go wrong )

Oh, learnt that you could take paint on a flight via Darco. He told me to turn the can upside down and spray the pressure out. The same way we used to get thin lines before all the designer nozzles.

He brought over 5 cans of some French stuff. I did the same for the montana.

capitano jings said...

@ EEZ.
Ah yeas, I remember the Sendys connection!
I think before I'd used the Montanas I had got some cans of Felton from a school trip, it was terrible however!
The original Montana was crazy for details, but it just couldn't survive the Scottish climate!
I think I have a few more old yins I can post up once I get em scanned.

Rock soon.

EEZ? aka Jackanory said...

1st Montana was cool as fuck in Barcelona but as soon as it hit the Scottish elements it went walkies.

I preferred Belton for the funky colour range. Wee Hycote for the solid lines. And the MIGHTY Carplan for all the fadeyness )

Anyway, Scottish cats hooked up the UK - Europe clocked it and so on and so forth.

Mieone said...

I wish i could be arsed adding my 2 bobs worth to this unfortunately i'm getting lazy but agree with what Eez is saying in regards to the paint hook up it falls in line with the events the traveling to Europe etc.

For the most part many of the writers/artists we met in the UK were fairly blinkered to Europe most of the ones i met were following the Futura 2000 model (bit like playing style wars except without Blondie and Keith Haring) , more involved in getting a gallery show than hooking up with other writers from abroad or any place for that matter they seemed to be a million miles from what was happening for example in Germany with the large scale jams with B Boys , flying over Old School Hip Hop Legends (the real ones from NYC not the cunts on flickr!) , the sheer scale of the scene in Germany alone around 93 was pretty inspiring.

The majority of the Uk Hip Hop scene seemed for the most part stuck in the late 80's either fueled of the scene born in the early 80's give or take a few new comers , the London "Graff" scene aside i view that as a purely separate scene altogether which would still have gathered weight due to the activities of the DDS etc with or without montana or belton designer paints or B Boy jams.(just read crack & shine by the way a very good read and well made book best of this years paint skooshin' reading matter so far.)

The B Boying witnessed at the Livi Under Pressure jam in 94 definitely got back to people old and new that something was happening again from the enthusiasts that had made the journey to Livingston that weekend.
Between Evo,Storm & Swift the quality and style being thrown down was really among some of the best B Boying out there at that time.
After the Livi jam Mode hooked up Storm & Swift to dance at the Son Of Noise launch party in London and that small gathering pretty much got the enthusiasm going for all things B Boy and Old School in London town once again.

Annoyingly however it created a kind of " we've been been down with this from day one" attitude among a certain element of the Uk Hip Hop brigade, i remember going with some Uk Hip Hoppers to a Battle of the year in 95 many of whom had never set foot in Germany it was a bit like the Italian job with blokes in baseball caps and timberlands anyway i could tell as soon as they entered the arena a large portion of that group had to eat some humble pie as they watched 3000 B Boys going of not to mention the top class writing action taking place outside.
Bit of slap in the face for those assuming that the Uk Hip Hop scene as hardcore as it seemed was really nothing compared to this .

Mieone said...

On return to the UK many of those on that trip changed over night to B Boys gone the term Breaking Graffing etc it was like a new era had taken over.
One person (who shall remain nameless) was just the week before flogging shoddy vhs videos of barely bombed london underground tubes then the next was wearing New York basketball gear sweat bands and preaching the B Boy testament behaving like crazy legs had taken over his body!

I felt it was all a bit sad the way it went London started hosting B Boy championships you could tell they never quite had the vibe and unity of the German jams basically something was missing or either that something was added that element being money and the pursuit of , nothing like some promoter/marketing types to step in and piss all over something good?

The European scene and particularly the Germans brought back or you could say preserved Hip Hop and has a helped many New York veterans who most likely would have faded into obscurity without the exposure in Europe.

From 1996 0nwards there was a massive upsurge in Hip Hop and Writing in the Uk which definitely got us to where we are today with Stores selling top quality vandalising products , Banksy, online websites discussing varying nozzle widths, books on Brazilian glue sniffer potato print artists and over zealous judges handing out 3 year sentencing for damage to railway property

Want to mention Jon156 as he was a very pivotal hook up which Eez was responsible for , through Jon156 we had the info for what was going on in Europe this led to a lot of other connections which made the under pressure jam the success it was.

Part 2

Not entirely sure what my point was there but i've added my two bob's worth of wittering .

May add more later.

Good efforts on Elph, Eez and Veras for posting all these 90's pics and clippings etc.

On the Montana tip great paint but i reckon i had at least 60 faulty cans by the time i decided to stop importing the stuff .