Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Up Yer Aerosol!

Couple of little things from the archives, relating to the Under Pressure Jammies & one from The "Asphalt" nights in Dundee.
The one above is for an exhibition a bunch of us were in around 96 in Edinburgh,
( I remember doing a perspex & wood painting for it but cant remember the actual show?)
Eez or Mie's memories may be a bit clearer than mine regarding these!

An article advertising the Under Pressure Jam from the Big Issue.
I think this is how I found out the Jam was on and just went without a clue where I was staying or where Livi actually was.

A cover of the Young Scot Magazine.
(I did have the Face Issue but looks like it is lost in the midst of time.)
I also have a typed transcript of the Phase 2/ Vulcan talk in Livingston thats pretty essential reading called "A Schooling in Livingston"

Lastly one of my favourite flicks of the era (Early 90's) featuring a well known Scottish Head.
(Hopefully he doesn't mind me posting this, blurred it in case)
This photo taken totally by chance, with a shitty camera & for me sums up the energy & the spirit of the time.

Everything seemed possible, nights like this at the Tay Hotel in Dundee, (which really was on its last legs by then) were amazing & hilarious. Inspired by the Under Pressure shindigs.
Pulled together with zero budget, just a willingness to rock!


MisterVera said...

gottat love the old pumas - rockin it!

EEZ? aka Front Page News said...

Where do I start...

Ok from the top, that's the flyer from a session in the Blueprint club night in Glasgow. Was in a club called Volcano, west end Partick area. Now knocked down (was the night club used in the Trainspotting movie btw "balls like watermelons man!"

We supplied the artwork, Easi and Sace - did the rest. They had a group called No Title, which at the time was the first signing to the Stereo MC's new label btw.

There was a session prior to this that me n Mieone put together. Also a chick called Lucy was involved at the time, she was doin related work at college so the 3 of us hooked up to make it happen. Mieone was the main guy for makin the Edinburgh sketch happen, I helped out with the initial organisational stuff to have an official 'front'.

Both Edinburgh and Glasgow nights were good fun.

Fuckin spelt my name on the flyer right enough. EZ, EZE, EZZ - WTF.

What next,

Big Issue. Good bit of promo. Because of all the mentalness of the previous years press (Guardian and so on) I targeted certain publications, Big Issue and The List in particular. No sensational journalism, thanks. Some press picked up on it but was low key word of mouth stylee for the Under Pressure promo.

Young Scot - they used that image for the 1st issue of their rebranded publication which was given away free in The Herald - was on tv n shit. They also used the piece in the Big Issue article for the 2nd or 3rd issue front cover as well - I will email it on. The 1st cover piece was about a year and a half old when the pic was taken btw. Carplan gotta love it.

Your night at the Tay Hotel was a good one, remember it well . BBoy Dase in full effect...

Anonymous said...

Fuck, i went to the Volcano a few times, think I saw Mello there, don't think I went to the night the artwork was up.
I seemed to have spent an awful lot of time in Edinburgh/Glasgow back then for a guy on the dole.
woo haa!

EEZ? aka The Waffler said...

Yeah was at the Mello gig too. He is a top notch mc. Did a stormer in Edinburgh when Eh? Wun took over the decks at short notice. Quality

New heads peep this n chase up his back catalogue,

Him and KRS 1 rippin the mic - that'd be a battle n a half!

I contacted him for the Under Pressure event btw but the cost was too steep.

PRIME did the cat graphic for him, found out at the sesh. Prime knows him well n said he could have swung a deal on the cash. Anyway,

beta said...

dope stuff!