Sunday, 18 October 2009

Livingston skate park

Someone sent in a load of flicks a while back featuring a load of older Edinburgh stuff. Somehow I moved the folder and thought i had lost all the flicks. Anyway ive found it again. These flix were in amongst it. From what i can see they are from 2001(?).


EEZ? aka Cos av been there n done it said...

Livi skatepark is the historical home of graff in Scotland - so many people visited it over the years there is no comparison.

Was also the venue for the first 2 events I pulled together.

No other place got international eyeballs like the skatey.

Where Mieone and Beta hung out a lot n the early days btw

Also Moda was an influential artist/skate head back in the 80's. Part of the MAD crew (More Advanced Designs). Mieone can chip in if need be,

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to real?

E? said...

Wasn't the best place to paint but got a lot of coverage in international mags plus there was a regular livi skate event there for years before I did the 1st event.

It inspired a lot of people to check graff because of all that.

Bigger and better walls around the country for sure but this was the only place that got the international colour mag promo, tv and thousands of visitors - from the 1981 onwards.

MisterVera said...

real still paints occasionally out in cumbernauld.