Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Under Pressure makes the front page

Front page of the Guardian from 94 promoting the Under Pressure event in Livingston. Hopefully, this kinda puts some sort of perspective of what Eez achieved at that time. Lets face it, if similar events were to be held in Scotland today they probably wouldnt make the front page of a national newspaper.


Anonymous said...

fucking hell, i'd forgotten how big those faces were & that handsome chap standing in front is no midget!

Mieone said...

Worth noting that it was the Guardian who really backed Banksy in the early days.

This image appeared on the scotsman and the Herald and never once featured the elusive Eez himself! The shy retiring chap that he was back then...

Also featured in the Face magazine which was pretty mental generally a publication dedicated to London and it's trends on occasion New York and then a double page spread on Crazy Hill High School favourite vandal Eez .

I might even assume it was the largest feature they had done on Graffiti up until that point and it was full color.

A scan form Eez perhaps?

Rep Killer? said...

Quick corrections - 1993 Balance event. Was actually painted in 92, was up untouched for a year-ish beforehand.

Plus I'm not in the pic haha - got clever in my old age age. Folk see you in the paper n start actin weird man, crazy.

That's ASH bottom left. Other dude at the wall was a pal / flatmate of my Bro's. Ash and Jon 1 stayed there for a bit.

The shadow face is another pal of my Bro's. I just called Ash up and said, in my best spanish, btw some photographer dude is poppin round fancy gettin yer chops in the paper? (This piece was on a recently closed secondary school in the centre of my local area)

Next thing you know it was on the fuckin front page and gettin discussed in those late night early mornin review programmes! Major.

Yeah, plenty cunts be mouthin off over the years but they can't touch this. Oh no. Can still bitch slap em with 15 year old flicks done with cheap paint and 1 nozzle )

That writing on the top is shite admittedly. I was just havin a doodle on some ladders. Would have hired some scaff n caned it if I'd known it was goin national (and global)? Lol

Fair play to the skills of the Photographer and the balls of the Editor for makin it happen.

Was a big deal at the time cos the NF was gathering support.

'It's Only Fades With Shades'

Anyway, move on and groove on -

Anonymous said...

all these years I though it was the man himself at a glance!

Anonymous said...

wait a minute how long did Ash & JON One hang around for?
Bastard, i would have moved to Livi for the duration.

EEZ aka Around The World In 80 Days said...

@ Lyken Love

Jon & Ash came to 2 events. Think they were here for 4 or 5 days a time.

Both are top boys. Meant plenty of heads and honestly they are two of the coolest cunts around.

1st time I was in Paris, Ash took to me to the middle of nowhere for a French rave. he didn't know fuck about me, just being decent to a visitor (something plenty ignorant fucks should wake up to). I kept the event stuff schtum ALL the time so that peeps were real.

Same for Jon, didn't take to the guy initially cos he is fkn wild - but last time I saw him I gave him a big hug n was real sorry to see him go. We went through to Edinburgh to chill on his last day of the second event and had a blast talkin shit and makin plans. Good man.

Speakin of Jon, check this sheeet out - http://www.magda-gallery.com/img/jonone192.jpg

Last I heard Ash moved to Denmark and got hooked up Supermodel stylee

Any other goss you will have to Google )

@ Mieone

Got the Herald on the go too - was goin to be a 10 spot to scan it in colour. Fuck that. So I've got another black n white number in transition, watch this space!

The Face was a beauty, can't find the mag but got a colour photocopy of it ) Again I shall sling it email stylee. That mag publicity was crazy cool. Lyken Love went to South Africa and dudes pulled it out. Same when I went to Barcelona, cunts were talkin about it before I got there. Sendys bumped into SeanyB from Suga Bullit Edinburgh - Seany goes (excuse editorial inaccuracies) 'we are visiting from Scotland' Sendy pulls oot the mag n goes 'do you know him' Seany goes 'he's arrivin tmrw!' Haha serious, true story. That's how I met Sendys, SeanyB passed on the contact. Good man the SB, lost touch, if any dude is buyin blow tell him I said thanks for all the help.

Anyway, I am fuckin ramblin big style - Have A Nice Day )

Anonymous said...

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