Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Jaze - Dundee 1985

Jaze - in progress
Jaze - finished
Align CentreJF
Crime of the 80's

Some real old school classic flicks from a real legend within the Dundee scene. Jaze was responsible for the "flying fox" piece (view here) under the kingsway. At the time these were a real inspiration and its great to see these again after all these years.

press clipping 1986


Anonymous said...

brilliant to see these again, had never seen the panel size Jaze either.
particularly love the Crime of the 80's, I literally hadn't seen that piece since then, seemd to always have stuck in my head that one & I really dug the phrase.
I know I've said it before but at that time my mind totally boggled when I saw these, they seemed so advanced, the gestation period must have been really short from starting to mastering. awesome.

EEZ aka Dusty Fingers said...


Good call to all involved in getting the original artifacts raked out and documented.

Mieone said...

Quality archive of photo's and clippings. "The Laddie came reccomended by a knowledgeable police officer who does sterling work with the young"
Has this Laddie fancied doing a piece again? I reckon he aught to rock the DPM with a another Flying Fox.

Anonymous said...

Yip, Mr Jaze said he would be up for getting back on the horse again. Never thought about about a flying fox 2 thats a great idea!

EEZ? said...

Hook up an 80's get together?

We can buzz glue n allsorts.

Anonymous said...

deffo, I will break out my trim trabs & klem hooded top.

I may even get some "questionable" tints put in my hair & buy me some butane.

For 50p Gordon Turnbull at my school would let you push the soft part of his head he got from snegging too much gleg.

seriously tho, it would be mad to get these guys out who had stopped by 89 or so.

EEZ? aka An Oldie But A Goodie said...

You've already got questionable tints btw.

Grant Duff said...

Laughing a lot at hese posts. i like how the colours in jaze carpark piece stand out alot more with the black background. I loved this piece at the time, first top to bottom colour piece on a wall. centre car park btw multi 1 n 2 in Ardler. sure they used underground carpark for hiphop jams... just like the bronx.. lol