Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Old School Dundee

The "Flying Fox"

These were painted under flyovers that faced onto the Kingsway road which is the main carriage way through which cuts through Dundee. As such, they gained exposure to thousands upon thousands of drivers each and every day. Taking into account the location im not sure how he painted these without getting caught in the act as it must have taken about 10 hours worth of pish watery carplan action to have coloured these in. I did read later that he was eventually busted for this and ended up doing some commissioned work alongside the police.

Im sure that this is '84 but it may be '85. A couple of true old school classics!


SOLE said...

This was the first real graff i ever saw!
It used to be my half way bonus on the driver from Edinburgh to Aberdeen. Always scoped t out when we drove past, and was so bummed when it was eventually buffed. It must have been there for yeears!
So stoked to see these again..

lyken said...

Yip, pretty sure they did get busted.
Its hard to get across the importance of these to the Dundee scene at the time. And its worth mentioning that these bad boys were up for years & years until they had almost faded away.

I never, ever thought I would see the "flying fox" again,

the skinnycap set said...

sole, thats mad to think of you checking them as you drove past!
I remember vividly I used to blink rapidly as I would approach in my grandads car to be ready to follow it as we zoomed past.

Anonymous said...

yeah i mind these from when i was a nipper. the fox was there for a decade at least. i remember seeing it fade and fade throo the years. top location too. bonzer


BETA NSA MSC said...


ConcreteStreets said...


Remember the fix.

Probs first graff i seen and all.


Anonymous said...

these were done by jaze aka foxy its a long time ago now and you have to appreciate the balls to paint at the side of a busy road

aw ra best