Monday, 28 September 2009


vid of some work by Eez. Be sure to also go check out his site


EEZ? said...

Nice one Mr V,

My site is basically a contact page for hooking up so it's kept minimalistic for now.

I've collated salvaged flix into a vid and stuck on a few tunes I russled up a while back - just clearing the decks. Out with the old, roll on the new )

May be adding stuff to buy, canvas n so on, as it happens. It's mainly for hook ups going forward.

The server has been up n down over the past few days so check back later if need be.

Site is titled 'graffiti art' for the search engine juice btw


Anonymous said...

coolio, loads of stuff I hadnt seen.
particularly like the exploding piece at 3.44!

AddictedToFresh said...

Exploder was at the high school hof btw, I sent original flicks of most of the vid stuff onto Mr V so you can clock the original from him.

I done a few stormin normin pieces that have been lost into the great unknown but what's on the vid is a fair rep of what I was doing.

The nightclub stuff in UV has prob about 20 pieces gone walkies!

It's good to get the opportunity to document what has happened right enough so fair play you dudes in Dundee for makin it happen.

Anyway, hope all the hungry eyeballs have feasted on a very rare glimpse of Scottish Graffs past. Unless I find the wee cunt who pinched my Bob Marley certified classic at a workshop this is my whack at box riflin.

Yeah so back on the grind, contact me at if you want to hook me up with some niceness as a thank you for my time in the trenches.

I'll be stretching dachshunds in the meantime...

Mr said...

vid seems to be facked?

E? said...

Everything is ok.

Stick on the headphones, kick back n do some time travelling...