Friday, 9 January 2009

Oldies Revisited - MSC.VK

Here's a patchy joiner of the MSC Fulham wall, mentioned afore, but incomplete, the wall from left to right was: MUA(Mie), ELPH, KEH(Beta), SEB, CASP and a speedy one by ASID on the end, was a good sesh and apparently lasted a while longer than usual London walls which was good.
We met RIO(Justice) that day which was pretty mad, he'd not painted for years but popped by for a look.
Last time I met CASP he was busy producing music for tv and his own projects, busy as ever.

The wall below is an oldie from an old plot at Haymarket, it lasted only a month or two but got painted a bit, quite a silly piece, way too much shading on the character. I think Pure, Pawk, Raje, Aser and Base also did pieces here, need to dig oot the flicks.


lyken said...

I remember you said you met Justice, thats bonkers!
Good to see the joiner!
Still think the Elfer below is a classic style.

Mieone said...

Forgot about that acid piece, topper.

Remember getting pissed of that we never finished before it got dark and had to return the following day to get the flicks assuming it would be pure london menshied tae F&4k!
Totally untouched on our return, also added in the light blue chips on the top right on the second day.

The Rio meeting was funny remember telling some London folk that he'd came down to speak to us apparently he hadn't been seen in years.

On the paint tip some of those colors in the Seb piece are Airfix model spray really cool colors in really really wee cans!

Apparently his last piece had an image of a bag of cans hanging up nice touch.

korizzle said...

loving the london wall

casp piece is too fresh yo