Tuesday, 23 December 2008

MSC down south

Mie 1

Not sure what year this is from but its from one of the big events down south - must be about 97 though. There should also be an Elph that connects the whole thing together but i dont know what happened to that!


lyken said...

Im sure I have the elph one, classic , in red, that mad 3d fill he used to do.

Bonkers wall, the mie, kiwi & casp pieces, all crackers!

mr beta nsa said...

grand...before 97 likes...i think 94/5?

mistervera said...

coolio - updated.

BETA NSA MSC said...

ha! Also...it wasnae a big event at all, we just rocked on the train or bus and went down..Stayed at the Manor of mr Casp..AND I MEAN , proper...14th century farm stead niceness.....his brother, Seb, who also was on the wall, was the lead role in the blockbuster movie "Hope and Glory"


Can mind the local kids bein' a bit beefy warning us of Teach! He came down i think and all was cool...Craigsill, Ladywell and Drylaw boys like, nae bother man. Anyhoo!

It'd be great to know what Casp was upto these days..top mellow geez..msc roka!

capitano jings said...

That wall was in the Fulham hall of Fame, I have a joiner I think, will post it soons!