Sunday, 11 January 2009


Mie and Ego


Anonymous said...

this edinburgh?
Great Vibe on this one, looks like a sunny day in Barcelona!

Eg0 said...

This was done at the old Goldbergs site in Edinburgh 97, wall also included pieces by Derm, Ke (Beta), Elph, and Skotty (from Oz).

Anyone have the full wall?

mistervera said...

cheers for the flix man - keep em coming

capitano jings said...

Think I have all the flics somewhere, will dig em out.
Was a mad couple of months painting that spot, no-one ever bothered us painting there even though it was fully open and in the middle of the city centre.
Really into that Mie-Ego wall, healthy steezles.

beta said...

nagic! Yeah great spot and great pieces....even better to here mr t tiger is getting ready to roar once again!

Anonymous said...

weres the old goldbergs site? im from edinburgh just started graff nice stuff guys.