Friday, 14 January 2011

Special prize to whoever can spot which pic in this set isn't mine.

Chills and streets, I made a bit of an effort here to big up writers who, in my opinion deserve to be seen more eg; Cast, Ryne, Odone, Lets Go, Sinz.


raised alarm said...

Great upload!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


raised alarm said...

the very first pic isn't yours?

Anonymous said...

Correct! Care to share how you knew??


raised alarm said...

Figured you wouldn't have the time to rename all of the photos you take and the odone was the only one renamed. That and i have to much time on my hands :(

Anonymous said...

those "writers" you mentioned do next to nothing

EEZ? said...

Likin the updates MrM

Good variety of skills, styles and locations.

Henry Chalfant said...

This is a piss poor contribution most of the flicks have been seen before in better quality ie no side angle views (knox flick) ,dogged pieces at loanhead which can be seen here if you look in there prime , many of your shots have that bleached out look to me it looks like the flicks were taken on a 3 mega pixel phone camera.

Documenting graffiti deserves the same effort the artists put in themselves basically buy a decent camera and learn to compose a photograph otherwise your efforts look pretty half arsed imo.

Anonymous said...

Most of them have made a decent contribution to the scene in some way or another.
Plus, to be honest, it's tiring to see the same old stuff-variety is the spice of life!
P.S. Leave a name sir.


EEZ the Impaler said...


Quality and dates of flix taken add to the rawness of what was created.

Just cos someone does a 20 meg zoom in of a highlight doesn't mean a lot to me.

I like the roughness of the post,

Efforts been made to locate pieces and get flix. Just cos they don't catch the piece at the right angle, freshly painted, in the right light is irrelevant. That's up to the original artist to document if need be.

Can't all be LEE or Henry Chalfant mate ;-)

MisterVera said...

Couple of points in this debate;

Fistly , yeah it could be argued that some of the flicks may not be to a certain standard but hey put it down to a learning curve, personal choice etc. IMO you still get a feel for the pieces.

Secondly, the boy stood up and took on the challenge of giving it a go as a blog author and posting up the flicks that he has. This is only a couple of posts into it so give the guy a break. Also, I doubt for one second that people look only at these post, or a handful of others, in a blog of just short of a thousand and make a judgement on the Scottish scene. If they do, then more full them and fuck them.

Anonymous said...

Cant believe someone posted to bitch about the quality of photos, dont you have anything better to do with your time? Be thankful the dude takes time out his life to document this shit for spiteful cunts like you.

Anonymous said...

MrMan, how can you say you are adding variety when you are uploading terrible quality pictures of graff that everyone has seen (and is already on this blog)undogged? Vera you are definitely right about the learning curve thing, but i think this blog should be taken more seriously and given the respect it deserves, and it shouldn't be a place where some 14 year old toy learns how to use a camera. And EEZ, upmost respect for everything youv done for scottish graff etc, but most active edinburgh writers frequent all these spots so its not a big deal that he has taken time to trek there and take a couple poor quality fliks over a period of a year or 2...

MisterVera said...

Last Anon posters - i take on board what your saying but looking at this objectively the flicks arent really that bad. Yeah it would have been cool if they were all undogged etc but its only one post. Lets see what future posts bring and we can judge from there.

From your perspective i would imagine it cant get any worse so things therefore can only get better (?). Glass half full rather than half empty.

Your comment about learning how to use a camera really brought back some memories for me. The difference between the quality of flicks that are taken now and when i first started and even the mid ninties are incredible. For example, most flicks taken of pieces in the middle of the Loanhead tunnels from the mid ninties and before are mostly of terrible quality.

I remember there was an article in an early graphotism (i think) giving you tips on how to get the best quality flick that you can, what speed of film to use etc. Of course there is also the classic line from Bad Meaning Good where they are interviewing a train writer who claims that along with painting trains "we are also learning about photography" as they went about flicking their work in certain conditions.

In those days After all your flicking you then handed in the spool for development and crossed your fingers that you flicks came out, nevermind that they came out good quality.

Nowadays you just grab a digital camera off you pop, take a few flicks deleting the shit ones until you get a good shot. Back home to fire it through photoshop for some razzamataz then up onto the net.

Anyways, enough of my Grandad style in my day ramblings.

EEZ the Fuckin Fuck said...

@Anonymous (Wish you'd all post names btw)

No worries mate. As Vera says us auld dudes are used to pics on the shaky side so it's not much of an issue. In fact we had to check black n white photocopies for a while. Fancy that?

I used to take a whole spool of 1 piece and then get a couple of sets done for posting out. Stickin the connectors with cellotape for 6ft plus coolness.

As Vera keeps on saying, keeps on saying, keeps on saying, document it and send it to him. Complaining about someone else who has is just fuckin lazy.

On a big plus side, heads are checkin the posts and wantin to show the Scottish scene in the best light. Best flicks from the best artists n all that. It's up to the Flickr heads to sort out their own shit too. If you want it shown send it in or some other cunt will. Choppin off a bit of your bubble background in the process. Grrr

Anyways I'm not major fussed to chip in any more about it all. Vera what's up with the Livi vidz?