Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Old School

This is where Graffiti in Scotland has its roots. Many of the first wave of writers who put up pieces were breakers. Breakin was massive back in the early mid eighties and this is where our graff scene was born. Yeah there were people writing their name before that but i dont buy into the fact that that is graff as we know it. People make a decision to pursue the graff line rather than the "Boab was here" thing and this is the point in time that those decisions were made. As well as being a breaker lots of guys tried their hand at graff and this is where the first real explosion came from. This vid is courtesy of the boys at Monstercolors. Check out the geezer bustin a windmill topless - total nutter!

Its all about burnin'


Anonymous said...

worth watching for the body popping moonwalker in the crop top at around the 6minute mark


Boogaloo Smog said...


I'm taking it's GCB on the right but whose the crew on the left side in the red and black?

Top work by Darofski