Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sin Dundee 86/87

Early pieces from Dundee by Sin. As with everyone else, highly "influenced" by what was available to graff writers at the time but no mistaking the mans skills particularly on the bottom piece.

Met up with him a few months back, had a chat about "spitting" pieces and all that good old school stuff.


Anonymous said...

particularly remember the bus stop piece, I remember thinking this must be whats its like in the bronx...apart from the fire bombed buildings, rampant drug misuse & crime rate (actually it was Trottik so not that far off!)

Mieone said...

The Dundeee Council must have been adding some Beat Street juice to the water in 87!

beta nsa msc rtm said...

Ha! Aye!
Really cool diggin the blockbuster stylers