Wednesday, 9 December 2009

AUA by Jaze 1986, photographed late 2009.

Above "AuA" in 1986 and Below in 2009!

Here is how Jaze's AUA piece looks nearly 24 years later.
Given that this was carpaint on what looks like an unprimed wall its pretty mental it is visible at all. The yellow & green looks pretty vibrant I wonder if the letters & bubbles were emulsioned first?
The ghost of the "Crime of the 80's" piece is still visible on the wall behind this also!


Anonymous said...

perhaps retouch it with newpaint?

then it will run for another 24 tears

Anonymous said...

Any pictures of the Top Cat from the same wall, before it got whitewashed over?

Anonymous said...

Na, fraid not.
I think Synk (Dolby) did that back when he was writing TC. I always thought it washed of as it was wet when he did it ( I could be wrong though, will need to ask him) Mad, the whitewash shape was there for years!

Anonymous said...

i think lyken may have been talking to himself on this one:)