Thursday, 30 July 2009

Just waste in time



EEZ aka The Pitbull Stomper said...

Just Waste In Time?

Play on words with this.

If you are getting smashed is it meaningful and your thoughts are creating a beneficial change or are you wasting your time and wasting away?

There were a lot of hardcore party people around me so this was a combined portrait of a few heads at the time.

Wasn't a criticism, just an observation.

Anonymous said...

looks like shaking stevens!

EEZ aka Shaken not Stirred said...

Lol. That's libelous btw. Looks fuck all like Big Shakey,

Anonymous said...

did you use grey in this, or is it just black and white with some intense fading?

either way there is not many "photo real" painters today that can create and image that has so much character

nice as well to hear some of the philosophy behind your work


An 'E' please Bob, said...

Wall was rollered white then I worked back into it, mostly with the black.

I then used white and some leftover grey dregs to sharpen and splatter it up.

Little cans of carplan was the weapon of choice.

Cheers back at you,

Anonymous said...

i agree with the big man above