Thursday, 30 July 2009

A couple of old school luvlies from Eez

Balance Event Flyer 1993


EEZ said...

Ok, this was the homebrew flyer for the event prior to Under Pressure. There was one before this also but that can wait until the next rummage.

I didn't have free access to the budget on this so we had to chuck something together, Blue Peter stylee.

My bro did the DJ character and text and Dase / Mie One did the splodges, lettering and Bboy dude.

Rough n ready. Not bad for 16 years ago.

As you can see from the deds and those taking part there was a lot going on behind the scenes. A few artists didn't make it and there were a few more Scottish heads added. I was running around daft so who, where and what is a bit of a blur.

No mobiles to keep it all sweet but that's the way it goes.

On reflection, there was too much going on for sure and the weather was real fuckin windy, but we live and learn and I slicked it all up for the Under Pressure session when I got the chance to take full control the following year.

Anyway, a blast from the past, hope you had a good one if you made it along.

Anonymous said...


Hud on, who was Chris from Dundee?
I take it "G" is Bip. Chris, Chris, its ringing a little bell but not sure.

Will be seeing Raskal this weekend, will put you up!!

EEZ aka Windswept and Interesting said...

Forgot to mention my chip in on this - I did the floating 'B' and funky fold layout.

Yeah, Mr Lovely, don't think the Dundee massive made it through for this, or the weather was too mental to paint? Same heads who were at Under Pressure the following year btw.

As said before, I was busy as fuck at this event. Couldn't remember who was there until I clocked the flyer.

beta said...

mental! have never seen this! top stuff..peace and love...beta aka k.g one! ha!

Anonymous said...

cheers for this eez.

these events you organised sound amazing, not just for the writers but as a whole events. shame nothing like this goes on outside of spain, france and germany, today.

would love to see the ash and gor pieces if the flicks are still around as well as what the scottish writers came up with on the day.


EEZ said...

Pores, clocked your comment on previous event pics about wanting more information. And low and behold the power of the great allknowing graff karma swung into action.

Will see what happens this time,

capitano jings said...

I'm sure the guys from Dundee painted a robot on two boards on the floor that day at the bottom of the hill? That might have been the year after?
I kindo took it all for granted as most graffiti writers do, but it was amazing to see that much painting in the flesh, it wasn't as easy to find graffiti in those days.

EEZ said...

Not a lot got done on the Saturday because of the wind, so on the Sunday most people met back up at the Community Centre (not the Under Pressure venue).

Crise, Smel and Eleet painted onto the wall of the centre. Gor, Stylo, Keen and Dreph did a board connector about 40 ft long. Derm did a piece over 2 or 3 boards and Pinkie did a single board (Boards were 8 by 4 hardwood strapped at the back).

It's all coming back to me a wee bit. Vaguely remember having a buffet of sandwiches lined up in Craigsfarm. Prob just remember that cos I've got a big pot of chicken curry on the go and I'm hungry.

Keen had an individual shot of his part of the connector piece on Flickr (I've emailed this for a post up). I will try and collate some other stuff. The mak-dice-ask pic is already posted up, search on the '1993' tab.

I have found Inkies piece from the original event in 92 as well. Emailed that also. There are vids of the 1st n 3rd events kickin about btw

Munchie time,

Anonymous said...

Eez you got to get all the flicks up from all the livi events and get them documented here. you and dase played such a big part of the early development of scottish graff scene by networking and sorting the jams out. it all needs to be put on line and documented.

Also needed, early MSC pics, ER pics Fallen Angels pics, DDYK pics. Early dundee seems to be well represented.

you need to source as much as possible and get it on line

from a non painting comrad.

EEZ said...

The allknowing graff karma is strong with you padawan.

Expect future posts

Grant Duff said...

Just reading this old blog now,
Dundee was represented by G(bip)Chris N Gav. Chris and I(bip) set up a graffiti art workshop in whitfield back in 1992, we met EEZ through this as he had set one up in Edinburgh. (I spent the next 6yrs teaching graff to kids in various places, helped pay wy way through Uni). Eez was kind enough to invite us to numerous graff jams, this was difficult to manage btw working and study, but attended as many as possible. I'm sure I have some flicks n footage, even some old paper designz, that I intend to send on. Gotta love the roots of Scottish graf

Grant Duff said...

Again, reading this later. Dundee were at this event (BIP n Chris) but we didn't paint. I rercall it was cold as hell. This was the first time we seen Eez's work in and around Livi, swimming pool looked great. Seen alot of impessive stuff, stoked my passion to paint. Much respect to Eez for organising these events.