Sunday, 25 January 2009

Old School Dundee 1986

Design by AUA (Ardler United Artists)

"Design" on the wall at the back of where the Fire Station is now at the foot of Ardler (Housing Estate in Dundee) To the left of this was a great piece that said "Crime of the 80's"(Emulsion fill, spray outline from what I can remember) Hopefully we can track down that one.
Another one that I would draw endlessly from memory.

The Sentence is Death!
Bip 1986 (fairly sure these are both 86?)

Pretty Ambitious for the time, full colour illegal production!
Viewed in context at the time, these were amazing!


korbizzay said...

Design rocking the burners again. His stuff was quality. Great to see.

It'd be good if some old west coast types contributed some photos too, I know they're out there!

capitano jings said...

Double dope!
I think writeres were super ambitious at that time, because the limits seemed endless and the attitude would be 'why-not?' rather than 'how'.
That Death piece is classic

Anonymous said...

Starting Grid in Dundee City Centre for Auto k
Ali's up in Charleston for Carplan.
Later Hycote from car spares garage thing in Brewery Lane and up near Graham St College, forget their names.
Not forgetting Halfords when it was where KFC is in dundee city centre now & Asdas Kirkton when it sold paint!
The cobblers in the Keiler Centre for pink shoe paint & Spray Shop Supplies up Dens Road for custom mixed colours!

Anonymous said...

Ardler United Artists!

Can't help but love that name.

Was at a session on Saturday night that had some graff paintings from the recoat gallery on display.

Here's a link to some waffle,


Anonymous said...

feck me i was a member of ardler united artists there were three of us myself (crow) chic and foxy i had forgot all about that had a foto but lost it years ago
cheers for the memory jog

MisterVera said...

AUA all the way mate. I have some old flicks that might not be up on here yet so give me a shout and i'll fire them through to you.