Monday, 19 January 2009


The two pics below are from a spot that came and went super fast, we onl;y painted there twice I think. The Agony piece was by Nard.

Below is a piece by Ego, who is now back on the cans, so hopefully will post up some new images soon, the piece must be from 98 I think, he stopped around 2000...


Anonymous said...

NIce Aser. Will be cool to see what Ego comes up with!


Anonymous said...

Belated, Nappy Jew Pear.

Great to see all the new flicks, partic the ones from Stirling and Braehead.

Been busy with some sheeeeiiiiit, but will be heading to Dundee (and London) shortly to fulfill the funk.

Till then, as my mental granny once said - If you can't be good, be careful.


mistervera said...

good to see you back man. Hook up soon, lets get it organised.

dimeone said...

top quality flickage as usual!!
keep up the good work !!!