Friday, 19 December 2008


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Inca84 said...

rip Brian, im gona really miss you. you were probably the nicest, coolest, most original, most genuine person iv ever known and even more you were a true friend! its gona be weird not knowing your around! i'll never forget you, 'the self styled crime commando', 'the barrhead badman', 'larry tate', mr smk! your a true legend! thanks for being my mate for the last 7 years, im honoured to have known you! we'll meet again.

your friend Paul.

Anonymous said...

I never met him, but I envied his ability to create those funky characters of his.

R.I.P. smk

lyken said...

Really brings things home, especially when its someone so young.
Great artist & by all accounts a great guy.
Its a real shame.
With there being so much destructive negativity in the graff scene it was great to see someone bring a little fun & funk to the table!

Anonymous said...

hey SMK was my weeee cus we grew up together i miss him soooo much he was awesome at everything he did