Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Elf Jist Min 1Mor Derm


Anonymous said...

is it ASE after the elf maybe?

lskki said...

not sure,
I cannae read graffiti!

elph said...

The piece after my metallic monster is JIST by PACE. That was the first time I painted with the Fapsters.

Mieone said...

A piece by Pace mental.

That Onemor is lovely jubbly can't beat a red and silver combo with a touch of beige.

Mieone said...

Must add the Pace tag says Ha Ha beside it i think this was intended as some kind of diss on the fact he had went over the edge of the Min.
Pace was apparently at war with the F.A.P crew. Never a dull moment with that crazy fool!

lskki said...

I only met him once in Livi, he had a red head band on and bombarded with with weird lisping madness & toddled of back to crazyville!