Thursday, 20 November 2008

Edinburgh - old school classic stylin



lyken said...

Can we coax Mr Stun back out again?

Mieone said...

Styin profilin'

This is the def the Stun i met in 86.

Sure Derm will no the location i'm guessing it was the spot of Broughton St?

Anonymous said...

aye dublin street yard, now dublin street colonies.

i will bribe stun with cold beer and perhaps perhaps he might dig out the car plan / hycote stash


Anonymous said...

That'd be cool Derm.

Pity he gave it up - plenty of opportunities now though.


Anonymous said...

Over twenty years ago and still as fresh in the memory.

Not seen you for years Derm, so hope you are good. Send my regards to 'T' (Stun)

Jeez, I can still smell the paint.


Anonymous said...

nice one graeme, hows tricks?

There is loose chat of getting a few auld timers together fir a beer and some banter if yer still in the burgh.

leave a contact email with the admin here and ill get in touch