Thursday, 20 November 2008

Edinburgh - old school'ing

Pois (lettering) Stun (Batman)


eez aka the pool shark said...

Has Derm raked out the shoeboxes?

These are cool flix - 86 and 88? Over 20 years ago man, thats mental.

Whats the story behind Stun? That guy was good.

Anonymous said...

it was stun who dug them out.

Stun was an early edinburgh writer prolific in the the mid to late 80s.

Min (poise) did the letters.

other artists involved with fallen angels productions at the time were Lav, and Mace.


Mieone said...

Was this painted in Princess St gardens ?

Me and Smiz (aka KrashSlaughta) and Code2 went through to that More Advanced Designers # 28 bus tour , 1st contact with anything Edinburgh around 86 if remember rightly.

I remember a piece USA (United Street Artists?) which i now know via derm was by Lav. Don't remember this one being finished on the day.

I think it was Stun who had a pretty cool blackbook full color with design markers never had any contact with Edinburgh again till around 92.

Good to see some truly unseen work on here.

eez aka The 1989 Scottish Dive Bomb Champ said...

Nice 1 Derm - Fallen Angels Production were killin it man.

Never seen these either? A exclusive!

Nice 1 Stun Gun

Derm you should get an interview hooked up on this site too. Make sure you mention me and how handsome I am btw

korizzle said...

i second the demand for the interview.

get it sorted son!

scottishgraffiti said...

Treid to get Derm to do an interview but it never quite came off. Hopefully this will push him to commit!!!

Its on you Derm.