Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The roots of Scottish graff

For me the real roots of Scottish graff are within flicks like this. Breakin was a massive phenonamumble back in the early mid eighties and this is where our graff scene was born. Yeah there were people writing their name before that but i dont buy into the fact that that is graff as we know it. People make a decision to pursue the graff line rather than the "Boab was here" thing and this is the point in time that those decisions were made. As well as being a breaker lots of guys tried their hand at graff and this is where the first real explosion came from. These flix are from Glasgow, The Plaza i think, and were submitted by the Monstercolors crew. If you look hard at these flix you may see a familiar face.

Its all about burnin'


Mieone said...

Daro is really spoiling us with these ferrero rocher i feel like i'm at the ambassadors party !

This is fukin amazing and to whoever wrote the text accompanying the flicks i wholeheartedly agree Graffeeety outside of NYC as we know it was born out of the Breakdance days .

Synchronised trackies puma suedes and Electro lp's.

Great footage of this on video which would be good to see again and i'm guessing it's Gaz Mac in the second photo from the bottom?

lyken amour said...

Totally agree with Meester Mie. Don't forget some of us became writers because we were rubbish at breaking! Got any flicks of Bobby Locster booting the monitor offstage at the Bambaataa gig in Edinburgh?
The man had a hand spin sooo deadly he could take out half the crowd in one fell swoop!
Fried Chicken Man!

eez/ said...

So true. The 1st crews were Breakin ones and the Graff focus came after.

Ggow had it sweet with the ballroom on the go eh? Classic pix