Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Dase 1993


Mieone said...

Looking closely it's says "1st Wild Style" set the record straight that was the 1st Wild Style at the Crazy Hill High school our very own Harlem Hall of Fame in the centre of Livi. I see Carplan peppermint green and the introduction of Hycote white on the outline.

The pink was Cerise which was available in Halfords for free tiny cans with shit pressure still pink was a rarity .

scottishgraffiti said...

Carplan peppermint green - fannytastic!!

Hey Mie whats new old bean? drop me an email through the site


Vera - VK

eez the big bawbag said...

Alright Youngster,

Always remember when we painted Bgate pool n had the place to ourselves for a late one - got a wee squad in and went mental for a while haha dive bombin and mat runnin while the tunes were blarin out the tannoys. Class

This piece was done where one of the workshops was 1st before we branched out round the walls. What a place that turned out to be!

Anyways, hope all is well and good in Mie land and you're not a wee bawbag anymore )