Friday, 23 May 2008

Livingston 1992 - classic material



dmn said...

detail is rockin for back then!!

eez the headhunter said...

It's Only Fades With Shades,

Man that pic took me way, way back. 1992! Didn't know you had a copy of this? One I've missed seeing for sure.

For the letterists out there, the hair far left, middle and far right (a bit out of shot) says 'eez'.

This was up for well over a year untouched. It's about 11ft + high. Done with Carplan. Painted the wall with a beige outdoor paint and worked into it.

Anyway, reminisce over. If you've got the grey fucked face one or the Jim Morrison and Bob Marley ones it would be cool to have a gander there too. Can't believe I lost all my pix, wtf!