Friday, 23 May 2008

back in the day.....

Eez (Ireland)


Anonymous said...

1994 = Back in the day ?

C'mon you make me feel old lets not get to nostagic

scottishgraffiti said...

Back in the day does equal 1994. If its good enough for Dred Scott to say in 94 then its good enough for me. These headings are well thought out not just random stuff that i then try to link up later on.

eez the motherfuckin fuck said...

Yesterday is back in the day for me btw

This was an 8 by 4 hardboard piece done during the Bridge Of Peace event in Drogheda that I helped to initiate.

Had wee exhibition sorted to tie in with the main wall session and we russled up a few paintings - think it was on the day it was meant to open? A crazy, crazy weekend.

Mode 2, Keen, Prime and Stylo were there along with a bus full of mental Scottish cunts. The video of that escapade is a cracker! I'm havin a good chortle mid type )

Yeah, just a bit of background information rather than just checkin out a pic. This turned out surprisingly well considering the state of most of us. Got a ride that night as well,