Wednesday, 11 April 2012



Anonymous said...

nice. looks like the pieces he was doing in 2011 though. or was it 2010? 2009 maybe? this flick could literally be from any year stretching back from when he started. wheres the progression?

Christopher Lawrence

MrVera said...

Where's the progression? Depends what he is trying to achieve. Is he trying to progress or establish a style that has subtle changes from one piece to the next? Seems to me that he is heavily influenced by old school NY pieces. So that in itself probably gives you the answer to your question. For info, it is something i have had a laugh about with him and told him he does the same piece all the time, but i DO see the progression and i DO see the changes in style in what he is doing. He is very good at what he does and quick as fuck painter into the bargain - always a bonus point or ten from me for that!

Its an interesting point that you bring up regarding progression. There is a lot of stuff out there that hasnt really progressed at all and is in fact going backwards or not even moving along at all. The current trend for having mass fades in a piece was around in the mid eighties, look at old school London oics and you will see what i mean. Also there are a lot of the styles out there that come from 90's Europe and havent really moved on at all. I dont think it really matters that much as long as someone doesnt try to repackage it and sell it as something new to those that dont know any better.

By the way this isnt a dig, im just a grumpy old shite and getting stuff off my chest :)