Friday, 6 January 2012

Livi shop 1996

Footage of a wall organised by Eez. Wall from left to right Elph, Vera, Lyken and Mie 1. Eez pulled the wall together by doing the background work.
My original Sketch here
Flick of full wall here


lyken lovepump said...

God! How I loved that coat, it got destroyed with spraypaint & binned years ago. I totally wanted the blue & Red one that Hijack wore but they were sold out. This looked kinda like the one 3D wore in Bombin' so that was okay.

Anonymous said...


Mie Tai said...

That was one freezing cold session hence the Ground Zero tag water bottle in the bag. My red outline was one of the few cans of Belton Oxide Red i got my hand on before they discontinued it. It had Cadmium in it never seen a red as bright as that again.

By the way this wall still exists a mate seen it the other week.

Lykers your jaikit matches your colour scheme !

MrVera said...

Carplan finger killers - 'specially in the cold.