Sunday, 22 January 2012

Dark and dingyyyyy Mearns!!

Such a hard place to get nice flicks - well for me it is! Took more flicks but unfortunately they didnt come out.


Anonymous said...

Paco & Vera are sick, loving Vera's characters.

Anonymous said...

c'mon man this blog is dying, where's the new fliks at?

MrVera said...

Life is too hectic at the mo for regular updates. Hopefully get back on the ball soon.

Anonymous said...

ah well, hope to see you back on track soon!

Anonymous said...

So is it only chill walls and legals you upload?

quite a shit blog, graffiti is meant to push the boundries, this is all art faggery.

suck my cock

MrVera said...

Can you explain what you mean by "pushing the boundaries". Looking at the first part of your comment, do you mean painting illegally? If so, how exactly is that pushing the boundaries? Please explain.

Not expecting an answer as this is a "shit blog" so clearly you wont be back.

Also, thanks for the offer but I'm afraid I will have to turn you down.