Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Rogue, Akme, Che, Daze
GazMac, Estum, PowerCam One

Real, Vues

Ejek, and Epik

Vera, Conzo

Selection of flicks (ripped from Facebook) from the Cotterell's wall in Glasgow. Connector to follow once I get back down.

Good job by those involved in getting this organised, especially Gaz, both with permission and getting the writers down there to get the wall painted.

From a personal point of view, given some of the more recent legal walls that have been painted in Glasgow, I'm really pleased to see this wall come together in the way that it has - look closely, it even has letters in it!! Not a dig at those doing those other walls but a hats off to Cotterell's for letting people doing their thing, and do it well.

Hopefully, this will act as a starting point and that a lot more wall space can be secured on the back of this.


Anonymous said...

This is a really nice wall props! Glad something like this has been organised. Really cool to see a new painting from Real as well. A

MisterMan said...
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MisterMan said...

? is Mister Epik.

Anonymous said...

man :) respected

Anonymous said...

fuckin ripppin !

Anonymous said...

great to see cam one.

Anonymous said...

Boooom, letters.
It is what its all about.

Anonymous said...

Oners is sick !