Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Some flix etc from New York

Here mate, do you need a' o them? Gonna gee'z a can aff ye!


Tuff City train painting

Tuff City train painting

Work In Progress - Rask and TKid

Rask - Tuff City train
Sums - Tuff City train

Beta Vera Baby - Tuff City Bronx NY


rooftop spot at 5 Pointz



Thanks to Ces and TKid for hooking us up at Tuff City and to Meres for the 5Pointz spot. To the guys at Montana and ScrapYard for sorting out the paint. Most of all, massive thanks to Rask for pulling all of this together.


Elph said...

Looks like it was a good time, sounded hard work at times though! Great to paint with Tkid and co!

Anonymous said...


Smogsy Malone said...

Looks hot , i spotted Slave TC5 hanging out in the Tuff City flicks that would make my trip complete major style innovator.

The rooftop pieces look great heard they can be seen from the subway line to!

Anonymous said...

Git doon the Bronx.. it's got the best bags gon in toon

MrVera said...

Smogsy - yes indeed Slave was there just hanging oot and having a beer and a blether. Top bloke, as were all those who we met there, Serve, Ces, TKid, Checker amongst others.

Anon - you knows it. The bronx bags are built to last ....for at least 3-4 days before falling apart.!.!.!