Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Graffiti Burners by Bjorn Almqvist

Graffiti Burners by Bjorn Almqvist (Dokument Press)

Burners. Is it a word that is still commonly used within graffiti nowdays? What is a Burner? Its a good question. By bring togther 100+ artists and asking them to provide a flick of their favourite piece and explain what they feel makes a burner, the author Bjorn Almqvist tries to find out. And what we get, and for me this is where genius of this book lies, is over 100+ differing answers. Some of these are quite insightful; “Forget about theme, forget about combinated colours with your partners – its bullshit!” says Func'88. Whilst others are a bit more tounge in cheek; “Have a good breakfast” states Stray. Some of the artists take you through the making of their piece and what their thought process was behind their burner. All of which makes for an interesting addition to the works featured and should maybe even make yourself question what you think makes a burner.

This book has it all, an excellent introduction bringing back so many memories of seeking out graff, page after page of top pieces and some real insights from the various writers featured. But personally, the best thing about this is the fact that it clearly shows that there isnt a set formula for a burner. Each writer gives their own take on what a burner is. A burner “is subjective and not clearly defined”. What is a burner to me isnt necessarily are burner to you. And that is why the content of this book is so varied.

This book as the title suggests doesnt feature 2 minute silvers etc. However it is jammed packed with top end graff from around the world. If you are into style and burners, dont even think about it just buy it. Its that good.