Thursday, 3 February 2011

Under Pressure - Slideshow footage

Footage from the slideshow event that was part of the Under Pressure jam in Livi 94. Hosted by Phase 2. Perhaps Eez can provide a bit more detail and background about this.

This is brought to you by the man Battlechasers. Big thanks to him for bringing this piece of Scottish Graff history out to share with everyone. Check out his blog The Underground Strikes Back here


battlechasers said...

think i have some pics of the finished pieces in my collection somewhere, but theres thousands of photos to flick through.

Smognuts said...

All the Phase2 , P Nut, Peso, Part TDS Butch & Kase2 70's business on this slideshow was incredible still a lot of flicks on this that have never made online.

My take on the slideshow as far as what Phase was saying is Keep it real and don't paint doughnuts!

EEZ? aka BizzyB said...

It's the 'Aerosol Armada'

Got details from the IGTimes

David Schmidlapp pulled it together

Thanks to Riser TTK (recording) and Scenes14 (Converting and Uploading)

I did a video recording of all this too and had mics hooked up for the speakers. That may surface in future?

We also had a photographic exhibition at the same venue and some canvas work on the go.

An interesting aventure,

BETA said...

Amazing stuff.