Thursday, 17 February 2011

tramways jam 97

From top to bottom - Sync, Ase, Lyken, Raiz
Work in progress
MSC Elph and Beta (Mie piece sneaking in the bottom of the flick)
Mak (bottom) Akme (2nd from top)
Better quality flicks from the Tramways jam. There are still a few missing which would make a full set. Big thanks to Shoma for sharing this set.


Smogy oggy oggy oi oi oi! said...

Thats not Dase it's Dose infamous Glasgow bomber you still see his tags from the 90's around today.
And i'm sure thats Dema's piece DJ Dema think he's in Berlin nowadays.

Anonymous said...

These are great, I think that 8th one is Dose though, Arak

Anonymous said...

the Mac one and derm pieces killed this wall.

Anonymous said...

That raiz is pure pimpin! if you look close enough there are roses!

Anonymous said...


MisterVera said...

cheers people i knew it was a Dose pice but my hands typed Dase. Old age doesnt come easy you know!!

MisterVera said...

That of course should say piece! Jesus!!!!!!

EEZ? said...

This was a good event for a few people but it wasn't the best of times for me cos I'd just came back from a tiring painting session in Ireland then I had to pull this together.

Shouldn't have painted cos I was fucked and had to tackle the scaffolding (and run around the tramway), but was such a big white wall that it had to happen.

One Mor and Pois couldn't make it, but apart from them we had most of the active painters in Scotland at the time. I could've added some heads from the under pressure event as well but I wanted to rep scotland on this one.

There were other things on the go at the tramway that this session was tagged to, and I didn't have control of the budget to make it what it should've been.

Loads of hassles before during and after the event so I just chilled on this sort of joint event shit.

Cool that folk showed up, painted and had a good time though.

There's a vid on the go btw. One of the glasgow guys filmed a lot of stuff (good breakin footage) so if anyone has it then let us know.