Saturday, 12 February 2011

Fallen Angels

Aero by Derm
Phap by Pois
1 Mor
1 Mor
FAP by Pois

Dial by Pois


Brought to you courtesy of some Facebook diggin. Thanks go to Paul M for these classic flicks. I reckon most of these would be from early to mid 90's.


lyken said...
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Anonymous said...


Beta said...

These are so good.

Smog said...

Is this Fallen Angelz week or something?

One Mor has an exhibition in London check it here.

These dudes were the masters of Hycote amazing use of car paint and stock caps.

Love the Aero 2 as you come into the station the bottom piece is by Pois and One Mor . Does anyone know if these pieces are still there?

Anonymous said...

haven't seen those pois or derm pieces before. funky fresh


Anonymous said...

how long has Derm been painting?

i seen stuff at grove park london late 90s


Fink 88

Anonymous said...

These guys were key players in the edinburgh and scottish scene with little creditation or recognition.

it is great to see these pics again.

a walk along the line to see their work in the day was like being at a gallery. any pics of the stuff at the back of easter road or ballgreen?

are they still painting? i'd love to see what they are up to now

(an auld college friend)