Sunday, 23 January 2011

Welcome to Eez.

Another new author added to the Blog, the man Eez. The more we have contributing to the blog then the better it will be, hopefully covering as much stuff that gets done as possible. If your up for becoming an author, if for the only reason to occasionally post work by you and your crew, then get in touch.


MisterMan said...

I look forward to Eez's contribution; another viewpoint of the scottish scene!

New blog on the block, for the non-burners I won't be posting on this one;


EEZ? said...

Just chippin in with randoms.

If you don't like it then click on something else.

Got a few bitz n pieces sourced for adding Wednesdayish so check back then if need be.


raised alarm said...

Liking the sound of this!

Paulie Walnuts said...

I'm really glad mister man mister ben fandan mister whoever he is has got himself a blog to show his hard earned flicks i'm glad and i'm sure other blog viewers are also pleased now if he would just kindly leave this blog and let us get on with viewing some original quality content which this blog has been known for before his recent love affair with all things graffiti . Ok the Blog may not move at the pace of a facebook date rapist but so what if theres flicks uploaded every month then so be it . Just because some 14 year old with graffiti angst feels the need to show his "hard earned" flicks on here every week because he has some deluded idea of a scene , believe me i've been in on this thing for some time and i can't fukin stand scenes one reason being is theres always some pro-active wee fud who always wants to show how much he loves the scene by over exposing it . Food for thought Graffiti is an underground activity writers don't always want internet fame and those of us who go out and fill these walls with pieces don't always want everybody knowing/discussing the spots incase they get filled with wee fannys dropping there latest spastic attempt at a throw up .
Take my advice Wee Man take it easy keep painting one day someone will photograph your piece or even your tag and it will end up on the internet time will tell, crobarring your way on here to show everyone that you and your toy mates are learning to paint is not the way to go. I've seen your work in the flesh it's shite but i'm sure in a years time it will improve then again maybe you'll have discovered porn and won't leave the house unless you need to stock up on pot noodles and vaseline.

Paulie Walnuts: Hey, I remember every blowjob I ever got. How 'bout you, you remember your first blowjob?
Mister Man: Yeah, of course.
Paulie Walnuts: How long did it take for the guy to come?

MisterMan said...

Point taken. Two wee things though.
A) No self promotion on my part only flicks I like.
B) No discussion of spots on my part on any blogs.

Anonymous said...

Paulie Walnuts speaks the truth!!
I prefer good uploads of GOOD pieces and old school unseen loveliness.
All he brings is a poor quality of flicks of already seen/shit graff.