Saturday, 29 January 2011

Under Pressure Footage

Right you bunch of ugly people, as promised footage from the Under Pressure Jam back in 94. This footage was recorded over the couple of days of the jam. Totally unedited so that you can enjoy every last drop, with some music over the top.

My memories of this is Lyken saying to me "there going to be a graff jam in Livi this weekend. Im heading through on Friday. You gonna make it down?" That was about as much info as there was. So me and a friend arrive with no expectations at the jam on the Saturday, park the car and start heading to the hall where the event is taking place. We walk past some guy who looks really familiar but I cant quite place him. Ten steps later, im like "Fuckin hell, was that Vulcan? In the middle of Livi? Nah, cant be" We enter the hall and standing right there in front of us is Mode 2, Phase Too, Zebster, Sharp, Ash, Shok, Stylo etc etc. We then head through to the other hall and there were these guys breakin, pulling off incredible moves with total ease and oozing bboy styles that at that point in time, you could only imagine.

The fact that this was all pulled together before the days of internet, text messaging and mobile phones makes it all the more incredible. The time and effort needed must have been incredible. The fact that these guys showed up for this showed not only their dedication to graff but more importantly, the respect that they obviously had for Eez.

I have heard many great stories from Rask and Eez about how they organised jams at this time, running down to phone boxes with piles of change to make international calls, etc. it really does put it into some kind of perspective about how Eez was able to achieve this and the amount of effort that he went to to make this happen. With the exception of the Keepers of the Funk jam organised by Mie One a couple of years later, nothing has come anywhere near to matching this jam.

Scottish writers in attendance at this were Derm, Elph, Bip, Ase, Dase (Mie One), Beta, Pois and One Mor (who painted outside the hall.) Hopefully didnt forget anyone.....

Anyways enough ramblings, sit back and enjoy the show. Music courtesy of DJ Qberts Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze mixtape. This was doing the rounds at that time and is arguably still "the" best mixtape out there. Enjoy!


BETA msc nsa rtm said...

Great event and one i will always remember.. and really greatful to be allowed the privalage to get involved.

MisterVera said...

Did you paint at this as well mate? Wasnt sure. Let me know and i will update the blurb.

BETA said...

Yeah i did.. if you can call it that.. i made a mess above Sendez!

MisterVera said...

ha ha !!


EEZ? said...


Nice one for digitalizing it.

Some of those headspins were outrageous!
Had to hire someone afterwards to come in and pick up all the chins off the floor.

There is still another vid I sorted out. Maybe that'll turn up too?

Cool that Lyken was getting busy with the cam.

Good times.

MisterMan said...

This vid is overflowing with style, both the Graff and Breaking still benchmark even 16 years old. Also liking the music and oldschool jumpsuits!

A credit to the Scottish scene's documentation that anyone can see this for free, not distributed as action shots in a mag sold for like £3.50 in forbidden planet.

Cheers Vera, EEZ and Lyken for making these things happen!

battlechasers said...

i remember this.
I also got the footage of the phase2 slide show

MisterVera said...

battlechasers - could you send me through that footage? Would be well appreciated by Eez, and loats of others, if you could uncover that.

Mieone said...

Nice one on the Lykers footage, check out a young elph with his lady friends total player , those headspins still trance me out to this day.

Something i noticed online recently keen uploaded a flick of piece from this event but seemingly forgot where he'd painted hmm who would forget painting on a wall with Darco Mode2 & Sharp ?? Nevermind the fact Phase 2 is just to the side of you.

Once again big respecticles to Eez Bak this was a great weekend.

Anyone know what the facebook logo is all about? Has Blogger been co-opted by puss jotter? Personally not into facebook in any shape or form does this mean the blog is connected to the site ie people can tag photos and link to facebook accounts that kind of thing.. sorry to seem like a ludite but not a fan of facebook invasion of privacy/anonymity.

MisterVera said...

mie - the facebook thing was a wee experiment. Not the biggest fan of facebook, however it has proved really useful in getting some old school lovlies for the site - keep yer eyes peeled.

If people use the facebook ad on then good, if not then it shall be binned. Will give it a few weeks to see how its going.

battlechasers said...

Vera, i have just ripped the dvd with the slideshow on. Its in 2 parts around 900 meg combined

Mieone said...

So if your signed into facebook you can tick the i like this box at the top ( i know this sounds like i'm an idiot but i'm used to that) so now 27 people like this then what happens? Does the film then link to your own facebook page if you like it?
Just getting my heid round this and then contemplate the varying cia fbi queen mum lizard conspiracy angles by Mr Facebook and co.

Look forward to seeing the old school flckage.

MisterVera said...

mie - i have no idea what the like button does. I clicked on it, i like it - apparently. not sure what liking it does. I also like eating loads of biscuits and sweets. No connection there but then again i have no idea what the connection is to the like button. Im far too auld for all that pish. My brain is mush.

Anonymous said...

HAHA! you guys are class, am only ninteen a dont hav a clue wat facebooks all about like ma firend basically set it up 4 me without asking, its good to get back intouch with old m8ts but apart from that it relly is weird, cant get ma head round it, people just talk pish. wish a could delet it but cant do that eaither, hopless.helm

EEZ? aka Encyclopedia Britannica said...

@MrV & M1

Can't believe you 2 facebook virgins don't know about the 'like' button?

EVERYBODY knows that what you click it a rope pulls on 2 monkeys riding a tandem and they begin to generate power for the homes of child soldiers in sierra leone.

battlechasers said...

i have spliced together the phase2 slideshow footage into a 830meg file.. currently upping it to megavideo. says 7 hours to go so should be ready by the morning.
link to follow

battlechasers said...

heres the phase2 slideshow link as promised

MisterVera said...

battlechasers - your a star! Cheers mate.

Grant Duff said...

Lyken, I recall telling u about this event prior to it, think we met in the passing. Also think i saw u outside the event but u may have already been in. You wanted an introduction to Eez, this took time due to painting and him running 'round sorting everything out. As you say, once you two met, Scottish graf network took off.
As for the design Ace n I(Bip) put up, I wanted to design a fresh joint piece for underpressure, but as usual, Ace changed his mind at last minute, opting for an image from a baby mag (his wife was pregnant at time). Frustrated, i simply opted to put up am old design from 3 yrs earlier... not the first time this happened. hence the incongruent design we put up. Loved the event though! I also recall crashing in Eez's mums house with loads of other graff artists sprawled on the floor. Great memories