Thursday, 20 January 2011

Another batch of goodies for your eyes

Lets Go Sos
Smirk Taio

Thanks to "P" for sending in all the flicks within the last couple of post and helping to share the goodness of a variety of Scottish writers with everyone who passes through the site.


Anonymous said...

second flik is JOEY third is HELM

Anonymous said...

...and it's back to being a selection of flicks from the same 15 or so writers that get promoted in the "scottish" scene. I bet the wee nazi's that are trying to sort out some beef are overjoyed their status quo has been restored. Instead or providing variety and freedom like graff should it's back to being a carefully monitored medium where only those who know the right people get their shit promoted, regardless of style. Well done yeah you've outdone yourself again.

A bit sickening really.

Anonymous said...


I see one spot that wasn't featured in the last post, wow some trecking.

There are like three unusual writer's stuff featured here, a few more flicks from "P"(hahahahaha) and it'll be back to the usual few writers stuff.

On the upside the flicks are good, and the styles fresh. I'll try and bring my next post up to this standard.


Anonymous said...

wow, paranoid or what ^^ nice upload!

MisterVera said...

to the 2nd Anon poster -- as per usual mate, if you feel that the same 15 or so writers are getting promotes feel free to send in flicks of yours or anyone elses work that you feel should be put up on the site. Until the point in time that you do this then for me you really have no valid complaint and are taking absolutely no action to rectify a situation which is well within your control. The time it took you to put together your comment you could have used to email through some flicks and solved your problem. Now that really is a bit sickening.

EEZ? aka Anonymous said...


Instead on replying to Anon gripers you should be gettin those vidz edited! WTF man )

Cool fuckin graff n bboy goodness awaits n your chattin back to heedthebaws? They can't fuckin wait til the new posts appear so they can see the stuff they haven't sent in. Eh?

These cunts have said it all before. You've said it back to them all before. They either send stuff in stuff or fuck off.


Anonymous said...

haha totally ^

MisterVera said...

Eez - too true. Vids will be ready by the end of next week - hopefully.

EEZ aka Dachshund Stretcher said...

Nice one MrV!

I'm cool for reading all these nutjobs comments though. It's like the audition stage of xfactor when all the crazies appear. No need to reply though. Nothing worse for a heckler than gettin blanked.

I've sent you an email btw, has FUCK THESE MONKEYS in the subject header. May end up in the spam folder,