Sunday, 23 January 2011

2009 - Smug - Commonwealth Games Promo

Under Kingston Bridge, Glasgow


Anonymous said...

not tryin to be cheeky or that but how is this graffiti.

EEZ? said...


not tryin to be cheeky or that but why are you posting as anonymous.

Anonymous said...

it's irrelevant if he's posting anonymously or not. it's not graffiti. people visit this blog to see graff. not some (although extremely talented) gay wank commision by someone who's not even scottish.

MisterVera said...

Sorry but its irrelevant if he is Scottish or not. I set this blog up to show the work of Scottish artists, wherever they may be painting for example Beta in Liverpool, as well as that to show as many paintings as possible that are done in Scotland whether they be by a Scottish artist or not. There is no debate about that, its a fact! If you dont like that then apologies but you are going to feckin hate what im going to post in a day or two.

The other part of your argument is open to personal opinion. Some will like, some will hate. Personally im not really into this, as with a lot of other stuff that is on the blog - and i include some of my stuff in there as well. However, the blog should really give as wide a selection as possible of the work that people out there are doing. As far as im concerned that is exactly what Eez is doing.

As for negative anonymous comments - feckin hate them. Hate them, hate them, hate them.

EEZ? aka The Piledriver said...

OK, my chip in.

As far an Anon posting goes it just highlights the person behind it. A fuckin nobody. Hiding behind yer pc, snide wee bastard style. Grow some baws.

Yer pieces must be shit if you can't even have the self respect to put a name to who you are.

Like MisterVera, I don't like everything posted here either. Such is life. Get used to it.

There are loads of examples of realistic style artwork done by plenty of Scottish heads. Rogue and Mac spring to mind. Plenty more though (Future updates by myself will include them).

Smug has put a good shift in throughout plenty of locations, to single him out cos he is an International dude is fuckin disgraceful. By your reckoning the blog shouldn't show stuff by any cunt not Scottish in Scotland. That's Phase Too's stuff binned then eh?

On the subject of Graff originals you should have a Google and see what is getting done in the terms of exhibitions and commissions by the New York heads. TATS CRU and Coca Cola spring to mind.

You are just a rabbit in the headlights mate. Sooner you get run over the better.

Anonymous said...

Wat a rag argument, its well cool think of the fades and the time takin to be able to display those skills, atleast hes doing his own thing, no dout he started off being a writer and realised he wanted to do that sort of stuff. Its clerly relevent to graffiti, as in a way its making normal writers and graffiti in genneral more excepted?need to stop ranting on this, its too easy tho.helm

Anonymous said...

okay everybody first off... smug does graffiti he also does realistic objects get your facts straight he is by far the most talented graffiti artist in the world do research before you all open your mouth next time.