Wednesday, 26 January 2011

1000th Post

Thanks to MisterVera for starting the blog and providing a source of documented Graff in Scotland from the mid 80's onwards.

It's the 1000th post so I didn't want it going up without properly paying respect to what has came before.

A lot of people have benefited from having their work shown, finding out about events and exhibitions, checking new and old pieces, hook ups, and also to learn about the history of Graff throughout Scotland.

Newspaper / magazine clippings, audio, video, interviews, and pure classic flicks; it's all here if you dig deep.

MisterVera deserves all the respect going for making this source of credible information available.

Also props to Lyken and the whole Dundee scene for bringing their own colours to the Masterpiece.

If you have been checking out this blog and are benefiting from the updates, and want it to continue, then show some due respect and leave a comment saying so. (Be a good change from all the usual anonymous bitch waffle too)

We've all got lives to lead so the more encouragement you give to keep bringing you this content the better.

Love and Kisses

EEZ? aka The Daschund Stretcher

PS. Some of MrV's handy work is dotted throughout the blog but here are a few more reminders:

View the 1st post here


Anonymous said...

Good work Vera, Eez, Elph, Lyken and all those responsible for documenting the history both auld and new.

stay strong


lyken lohan said...

Never seen that little beige vera canvas before that's well tidy.
Looks like the old blog has had a shot in the arm courtesy of Mr EEZ.