Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Under Pressure footage

A quick edit of some footage from the Under Pressure jam in Livi 1994 that i have finally gotten transferred from VHS to DVD. Longer vid to follow once I get stuck in about the editing.

Jam featured Phase 2, Ash, Jon One, Mode, Shok, Stylo,Keen, Mr Zee, Sharp, Zebster, Rask, Derm, Elph and many more.


Elph said...

Crazy stuff, is this separate from the footage Lyken took?

EEZ? said...

Nice 1

EEZ? said...

I had one put together that included a practice breakin session by storm, swift and evo after the event. There wasn't any music over dubbed, I just passed it out to a few people afterwards. Heard that a soundtrack got added and was doing the rounds as well.

Whatever, if you have footage sourced then that's cool. The snippet you have up reminded me of all the good stuff that was going on at that time.

That was a lot of plastic floor covering to sort out right enough!

smogso said...

Eye the video with many a different edit i think that may have had something to do with DJ A One i seem to remember him sorting it out as it was quite surreal watching that top shelf B Boying with no beats! Sure the soundtrack is some Break beat cut up business been a while since i seen it though.

The footage from Craigswood sports centre was incredible Swift Storm & Evo in one spot going move for move for what seemed like hours

Also Daro might have a copy he's a good horder of B Boy stuff in general.

That event was the ultimate Jam at that time and as far i'm concerned forever. Never seen anything like it since that comes close to that much talent in one space (maybe music aside = drunk rappers ?) in the UK anyway . The whole weekend was amazing Phase 2 & Vulcan watching Vic Reeves at Andy's flat looking weirded out to fuck.

THe club nights in Edinburgh A One & Frostys Beat Bop on the Friday with Storm & Swift then on the Saturday the first night Of SEEN at the attic again the B Boys stole the show on the shittest dancefloor imaginable wooden floor boards painted black??

Also Phase grabbed the mike and threw in some "To the Beat ya'll One time for my mellow" Bronx style mc'ing.

Then the I.G.T slideshow at the Mews thats was some toing and froing form Edinburgh to Livi definitely more energetic back then.

The headache that ensued after the event from all the paint fumes though? Heavy Duty.

Anonymous said...

No footage of Pathe's tantrum or Patrica-Bambatta claiming he invented hip hop then?

EEZ? said...


Yeah 1st night of SEEN was on the back of the event. Phase 2 on the mic and Battle Squad doing slo mo reversing.

The sports centre practice was nuts. Storm and Evo going at it headspin friendly battle stylee. The digitized footage will surface eventually. It's out there, has to happen.

The igt slideshow and exhib summit vibe was cool. Nice one for making the effort and checking it all out.

MisterVera said...

i have the sports centre practice as well. Will get it converted and passed onto you. Video is a bit fucked up though after all these years so will have to see what i can do with it.

EEZ? said...



Just stick it on youtube and/or to if need be.

Anonymous said...

cool, i remember couple of mounths back you had a photo of an edinburgh head breaking, from back in the 90s or sumfin, but said you couldent reveal who it was, was wodering if you could may be just give his bboy name, or just put up some footage of him. Was also talking to some older breakers and they where sayig there was an edinburgh head that put edinburgh on the map for breaking back then but couldent get a name.apparently he had every power move appart from air flares? Looking forward to seeing sum old school stuff, helm.

EEZ? said...

Anonymous said...

cool, i remember couple of months back you had a photo of an edinburgh head breaking,

Are you talkin about this,

That's MieOne

There weren't any Edinburgh heads dancin regular at the time the Dundee sesh happened. Going back to the mid 80's there was a dude called Johnny Cavin, or something like that. Saw him dancin at the Playhouse when Broken Glass visited on a bmx roadshow thingy that had comedians n singers too. They invited up some audience n he rocked some super cool windmills.


You should post your name mate. Cunts'll talk quicker

PPS Any battle rap heads should check - Dizaster's on a roll...

I've been up to all hours checkin. Recommended