Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Back in the day....................

Green gunge and spray can exploding from the piece inspired by?????


Smog Of Doom said...

Hand Of Doom do i win a prize ? I dundee/seen related one i hope theres a challenge.

Smogoloid said...

Also this piece is nice the color scheme is great also the letter connections etc painted today with new school fancy paints this would stand up. The black outline on this is typical of cheap black paint found in the UK at that time watery not really black at all a sort of transparent black/greyish color .

Guid posts Vera

Smogoloid said...

I realise i was quick to answer the spraycan is infact from a wholecar by Seen and Json which appears in Style Wars then again this artist could have made it up themselves ?

Spraycan also used on this piece !


Ok i don't win anything .

MisterVera said...

nah its a rip straight from SEEN! i know as i did both this and the other spraycan.
Prize is in the post but you know what the royal mail is like,,, might never get there.