Wednesday, 24 November 2010

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got this comment through today in relation to this post. Feel free to leave an opinion or comment

"Nice 'Edinburgh' post with the majority of it by glasgow writers (and elsewhere) bias posting once again. (bet this comment won't even get published)"

Well mate your wish is granted and your comment is published all in a post of its own.

  • What exactly is it that you are doing to address this so called bias?
  • How about submitting some of your flicks for inclusion?
  • Have you emailed in any flicks in the past for me to post up? No? Didnt think so.
  • How about putting a name to your comment so we can all see exactly who it is that im not posting pics of?
And people wonder why i cant be arsed anymore!!!!!


Anonymous said...

There will always be haters man, you should just not allow comments, i cant remember seeing any comments on any of the posts on this site that are in any way constructive, only bitching. I dont think that any of the REAL writers who browse this website are the ones bitching, only the jealous toys, and who gives a fuck what they think? Take away their voice and carry on uploading the freshness!

Anonymous said...

i can count atleast ten edinburgh and only 2 glasgow, obviously knows nothing about the scottish graff scene, ps, dont give up on the site man!

Anonymous said...

i can see why you dont want to continue, you've worked hard to get the site running so successfully, but it must be frustrating with the negative bullshit that continually gets posted. personally i dont think theres anything wrong with critisism as long as the poster leaves a legit name... altho that rarely happens. i think you should take a break from it and let your heart soak up the graff/funk again before hopefully getting it going again, as im sure this was the real reason you started it in the first place. however if you decide that this really is the end of the site i'd like to say thanks for posting pics of my work and promoting the few exhibitions i took part in when you did and also wish you all the best in the future. also i think you should take note that the people hating on your site are the ones who are clearly jealous of no one taking any notice in their work (prob due to the fact its shit). maybe consentrating on your own stuff for a few months and not in posting pics of anyone elses may take you back to a time when scottish graffiti was really important to you.

anyway, cheers for a great time consuming site!


Smogsy Malone said...

I read that post and to be honest he has no point what so ever, Odra has been painting as long as anyone ( i would guess four years at least some people have been in and out of Graffiti in less time) in Edinburgh which in my mind makes him as much a part of the scene through here as anyone.

Not that this solves anything but i get mr vera's point if these are the kind of comments he's getting for simply uploading what flicks he gets donated then why bother. SEND HIM SOME OF YOUR PHOTOS!

Anonymous said...

I reckon you're all thinking about it far too deeply, the people who make these comments dont care, the fact that there's a big hype and "huff" about them only adds to their fun - they know what theyre saying is bullshit, theyre just taking the piss ... trying to wind you up, not to be taken seriously at all...

Anonymous said...

now thats what aye call an ass hole talkin shite! its all in the burgh like so why,why be such a ball bag and think he is posting some thing constructive eh! its shit that ppl like that are just messing it up! this site was one of the resons why i got back in 2 the game.sad it has 2 come 2 an end.. peace

MisterVera said...

Arek your 100% right. Im over my huff.

Fuck those that think they are anonymous haters - i know who you are. You need to choose your words more carefully so that you dont identify yourself.

Jay Star said...

LOL @ the top comment. How can you even think for a second that REAL writers are sat on their pc's on this? Browsing a 99% chill spot blog is not what "real" writers do. Real writers are out there doing stuff because they know a decent enough spot will be seen thousands of times more than any flick ever will be posted on here. So take that on board if you're one of the ones complaining about your stuff not being on here, because I think it's pathetic that some think they NEED their stuff posted online for it to be seen. SG blog does it's thing, it represents the styles coming out of Scotland from the main city's and I appreciate that, it's not here to satisfy the needs of fame deprived toys.

MisterVera said...

@jaystar, i think the first poster was talking from a point of those who actually do some form of painting rather than those who comment and do nothing. Could be wrong but thats how i took it.

Your description of the blog and about what it represents is spot on. Possibly the first person to actually nail it ever.