Thursday, 19 August 2010

3 years old today

This blog has been going for 3 years now. I thought it would last a couple of weeks, then i would get bored and chuck it. So thanks to all have helped along the way by being part of the blog and adding posts, those who have sent in flicks, those who have done interviews and especially to all those who i have been able to get back in contact with after lots of years.
Who knows how long this will last but I hope before it ends that I can get far more flicks of old school pieces, particularly early Glasgow stuff which no one seems to have - if you have any then please send it in.

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Anonymous said...

Good work over the last 3 years all involved! who knows, with another contributor or 2 it might be going in another 3 years! it's a good archive for Scottish Graff flicks.
Even if 'it ends' as you say leave it open for 'historical value'.
Basically, would be nice to have the blog on the interweb to check what stage the scene was at in any certain year, thats what i've found it good for.