Friday, 16 July 2010



Anyone in Glasgow got a camera? Be nice to see some recent walls from there.
Get yer flix oot for the boys!
E-mail address is on the right hand side of the blog to send flicks in!


Anonymous said...

you not got any new stuff by burghers?

Anonymous said...

when we gonna see real graffiti and not boring chill spots, i'm not denying that you do post lovely pieces and some cracking old school flicks, but would be nice to see some writers rather than artists...

MisterVera said...

Cheers for the feedback. Not sure what you mean by "real graffiti" but im assuming you mean tagging etc. The site is not geared towards that. There have been a few posts by one of those who contribute to the site but its not what i set out to post on the blog. Feel free to send in some flicks and i will consider posting them up.