Monday, 26 July 2010

Shoeboxing - ASONE.PIE

Some recent attempts at tidying up unearthed these wee jammies.

The Asone piece above is one of my favourites he ever painted, we'd been out on the booze separately the night before and hooked up with Ase I think to paint this wall in Morningside when it was still legal to paint. I like the quotes 'I am insane' and 'fuck everyone'. This was before I think he went fully '3d', a sweeping craze back then which has since past, but at the time it was regarded as 'the future of graffiti'.

The piece above is by Inupie from Barcelona, who painted at the Keepers of the Funk event. Still pretty ahead of his time and incredibly influential. I only had flicks that cut the side of the piece of for some reason.


Anonymous said...

that ase to the right is one my faves!

Anonymous said...

That Asone is actual beast! What years this from?

SmogSy said...

I'm thinking 1996 for both pieces maybe the azone is 95. A lot of good things going on in the asone mad connecting pipes club arrows and top fills. The quotes are topper ! The antennas on the Pie with the signal rays still love that style pity we can't see the entire piece think i might have a larger photo somewhere.

What is apparent is both styles are very original and unique to the people who painted them there's very little trends being followed can't think of anyone to compare either piece to now or back then a top choice by the Capitano. 90's Shoebox action getting me all reminiscent.

MisterVera said...

Really didnt like the whole 3d thing. There were so many people out there havin a go at it without being any good at it. Horrible.There were one or two that could pull it off but at the risk of sounding like my dad - it all looked the same to me.
As for Pie - even after all these years I still dont get it. However, you could see that he was years ahead of his time as that style didnt really come through until years after he (and others) were doing it. Who was the girl that was paintin with him -Soda?

capitano jings said...

Yep, Soda was his girlfriend at the time. His crew Art Attack Artists still paint now. He does tattoos now. Definitely a Marmite style his, either like or dislike.

Anonymous said...

I've seen some of the latest as one stuff from sydney, kinda 3d meets msk/circus style stuff. Pretty cool. Did a couple of 2d things with him last week also kinda of reminded me of other stuff but painted really well, heaps good to see these old flicks!

Anonymous said...

There were indeed too many people painting 3d styles who couldn't pull it off, but to be fair, asone wasnt one of them. Whatever u think of 3d style, he had them down and it always looked dope.

does anyone have any flicks of any of his recent stuff?

when I first started i thought of him as the best piecer in Glasgow, id love to see what hes been paintin lately, im sure its still way above what 95% of ppl in this country are pulling off.