Friday, 2 July 2010

Ramellz - Deed!!

Rammellzee, an early graffiti writer, hip-hop pioneer and performance artist whose style influenced the Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill, died on Sunday in Far Rockaway, Queens, where he grew up. More here.

If you havent caught his appearance in Wild Style then go onto youtube and get that sorted.


Anonymous said...

RIP to the man who gave us 'beat bop', tune from the closing credits of 'style wars'

Mieone said...

Get funky in the place...Beat Bop alone makes this dude a legend not in a flickr way like a real legend.

He also dressed up in varying robot outfits and made out like he was from another planet definately a P-Funkateer .

R.I.P Rammelzee

lyken love said...

this is what I loved about hip hop, the bugged out brilliance of it! Bring back dress up box hip hop. I might actually listen to some new school jammies if they looked like Shango & kicked balistics whilst wearing a full native american headdress.

~SQAN~ said...

Rammellzee - the first 'celeb' I tracked down on myspace - chatted to him a couple of times - good guy. Beat Bop, best rap track ever.