Sunday, 11 April 2010

A few old school lovelies from Sqan


... said...

Nice 1.

@ Skan = Commented back on the mag post btw


Mieone said...

So Sqan is Scan ! You learn something new everyday . Second from the top killer piece the Q with the big Arra is Def . (80's Hip Hop Lingo).

Eez Doggy Dawg i've got the Freestyles piled up on my scanner just need to scan them...some time this year i hope.

lyken lunchbox said...

digging the scan shizzles,
got some great sketches from him from back in the daayeoooo

sqrt (Brian) said...

Way to represent the Scottish Graffiti gods, I am very impressed with the quality of paintmanship.

Anonymous said...

@ Mie

No worries mate - old news but cool to document all the same.

No rush, av got things keepin me busy too